only stickers.

Hey look! I made some stickers as an attempt to connect with Tiny Splendor and get myself (sorta) out there. They will be at Mission Xchange 12-16-12 (sunday). only a dolla



Old animation, just uploaded!

So I made this animation back in 2010 as a final art school project. We didn't have any animation classes, so I learned via books and students. It was really fun and the most effort I had put into anything. I'm feeling inspired this month to make some sort of animation like flipbooks, gifs... do you have any subject matter to suggest? My friend Michel casteneda composed the music, and Matt Ducot edited it in the last twelve hours before my show. Such a baller. Enjoy!


I am a geometric mess

so June is my month to be queen bee in stashbee... go to the link to see my tut. I explain the ins and outs of 3D/2D quilting methods. I even made a video, thank you Matt! Thanks for looking!
Geometric Mess

I am so hyped on crystals (not the meth kind), I'm enjoying some ring popsicles I made. The beessst, and practical for typing and snacking at the same time. I enjoy efficiency.

Enjoy this Friday,


wonky quilting and toes?

 I'm giving a shot at posting some the quilting I've been up to lately for my quilting bee, stash bee. They're a fun group of ladies who've come up with some creative ideas for their quilts. The best months are when I'm given an idea and I have to come up with the square on my own. May was more of changing the angles on a star pattern to make it 'wonky.' It was quick to churn out, so I tried making a teeny square. it was hardest finding a print that would fit, but it was fun.

I don't know what would be an appropriate seg-way to toenails (some find them offensive), but painting them is a form of doodling to me. If only I was ambidextrous I would do better on my right hand. I wanted to do a bright color this time, I don't wear many yellows. This reminds me of nickelodeon tv, something I rarely got to endeavor, but idolized when I was young.
k, thanks for looking at my goofy post, I'm going to some real art for a lil bit now.


art art

It's been a while since I made any art for art's sake. This doesn't count because it is a thank you card, but it reminded me of the re-assuring, in control joy I feel when I draw and water color. I don't know why I can't bring my myself to do it now, seems like I'm wasting materials, but I feel depressed without it. The internet can only do so much. If anyone can hear me, what gets you drawing? copying others till you feel like you have a handle on it again? doodling?
I recently saw this video with Ira Glass on storytelling:
I know he talks about tv and radio, but I think it applies to all creative medias. I found him very uplifting, but at the same time made me feel I won't get to that satisfaction phase in my work. Too much unfair comparing to other people's work. Again, I point my finger to the internet. It is wonderful and an atrocity all in one huge package. I need to get paid for my art to make more art. That is my selfish conclusion.


Dr Sketchy's

No Sunday is better spent unless it involves stuffing ma face with Homeroom mac and cheeze, hanging out with Josh Brown (old buddy/housemate from Santa Cruz times), and doin some figure drawing at Dr. Sketchy's East Bay.
josh brown doodle
I don't know if you've ever heard of Dr.  Sketchy's, but it's way more exciting than any kind of figure drawing sessions you'll find on campus. The models are usually performers of another kind, like burlesque, circus performers, dancers, professional body builders, etc. The ladies I drew were from a mud/lube wrestling group called Go Deep. I drew wrestlers with names like: Magic Mountains, Kitty Meow McMuffin, and Barbary Doll to name a few. Did I also mention this was at the Starry Plow? I didn't know drinking and drawing was so fun, and not a bad idea either. The event was 2 and half hours with good poses, silly music, and a contest. Surprisingly, I got third place! Maybe it's not a surprise, I only win contests when it involves art supplies. I won some pencils, a drink ticket, and a ticket to a burlesque show in SF. sounds good to me. 
Here's the winning sketch of the evening: 
the theme was 'wetness'
I think what made it was the sweat flinging off of Magic Mountain's boobs. A real winner. whatevs, this isn't over! I'll post the photo of me being nerdy holding up my pic with the Go Deep girls. It should be embarassing. 
 Update: Here it is



Jerk Raccon.

Been doing lots and nothing at the same time. My house is about ten degrees colder on the inside because I live in a building that has cement floors and cinder block walls. getting the motivation up to draw with cold hands has been tough, but I got help being motivated by doing a commission for my work.

It is a whiteboard advertisement, a simple one at that, but enough. I made a drawing later that night of a depiction of an event that happened in my housemate's dream.
made in pencil and glitter gel pen.

It goes like this:
while riding her bike in Santa Cruz over the levy, a raccoon came out of the bushes. Being terrified of raccoons, margaret (my housemate) rode faster riding in and out of the lamp light. During this time the raccoon heckled a high pitched, YAKYAKYAKYAKYAK! When she thought she had escaped, the raccoon popped out of nowhere wearing a pair of sparkly red mary janes and holding a stick. it cackled again at her before saying in a deep manly voice, "SUCK MY DICK, BITCH!" Then it stuck its stick in the spokes and margaret flew over her handlebars, through the darkness and into her bed.
I hope you enjoyed it. More to come