Jerk Raccon.

Been doing lots and nothing at the same time. My house is about ten degrees colder on the inside because I live in a building that has cement floors and cinder block walls. getting the motivation up to draw with cold hands has been tough, but I got help being motivated by doing a commission for my work.

It is a whiteboard advertisement, a simple one at that, but enough. I made a drawing later that night of a depiction of an event that happened in my housemate's dream.
made in pencil and glitter gel pen.

It goes like this:
while riding her bike in Santa Cruz over the levy, a raccoon came out of the bushes. Being terrified of raccoons, margaret (my housemate) rode faster riding in and out of the lamp light. During this time the raccoon heckled a high pitched, YAKYAKYAKYAKYAK! When she thought she had escaped, the raccoon popped out of nowhere wearing a pair of sparkly red mary janes and holding a stick. it cackled again at her before saying in a deep manly voice, "SUCK MY DICK, BITCH!" Then it stuck its stick in the spokes and margaret flew over her handlebars, through the darkness and into her bed.
I hope you enjoyed it. More to come

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