Dr Sketchy's

No Sunday is better spent unless it involves stuffing ma face with Homeroom mac and cheeze, hanging out with Josh Brown (old buddy/housemate from Santa Cruz times), and doin some figure drawing at Dr. Sketchy's East Bay.
josh brown doodle
I don't know if you've ever heard of Dr.  Sketchy's, but it's way more exciting than any kind of figure drawing sessions you'll find on campus. The models are usually performers of another kind, like burlesque, circus performers, dancers, professional body builders, etc. The ladies I drew were from a mud/lube wrestling group called Go Deep. I drew wrestlers with names like: Magic Mountains, Kitty Meow McMuffin, and Barbary Doll to name a few. Did I also mention this was at the Starry Plow? I didn't know drinking and drawing was so fun, and not a bad idea either. The event was 2 and half hours with good poses, silly music, and a contest. Surprisingly, I got third place! Maybe it's not a surprise, I only win contests when it involves art supplies. I won some pencils, a drink ticket, and a ticket to a burlesque show in SF. sounds good to me. 
Here's the winning sketch of the evening: 
the theme was 'wetness'
I think what made it was the sweat flinging off of Magic Mountain's boobs. A real winner. whatevs, this isn't over! I'll post the photo of me being nerdy holding up my pic with the Go Deep girls. It should be embarassing. 
 Update: Here it is


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