wonky quilting and toes?

 I'm giving a shot at posting some the quilting I've been up to lately for my quilting bee, stash bee. They're a fun group of ladies who've come up with some creative ideas for their quilts. The best months are when I'm given an idea and I have to come up with the square on my own. May was more of changing the angles on a star pattern to make it 'wonky.' It was quick to churn out, so I tried making a teeny square. it was hardest finding a print that would fit, but it was fun.

I don't know what would be an appropriate seg-way to toenails (some find them offensive), but painting them is a form of doodling to me. If only I was ambidextrous I would do better on my right hand. I wanted to do a bright color this time, I don't wear many yellows. This reminds me of nickelodeon tv, something I rarely got to endeavor, but idolized when I was young.
k, thanks for looking at my goofy post, I'm going to some real art for a lil bit now.