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It's been a while since I made any art for art's sake. This doesn't count because it is a thank you card, but it reminded me of the re-assuring, in control joy I feel when I draw and water color. I don't know why I can't bring my myself to do it now, seems like I'm wasting materials, but I feel depressed without it. The internet can only do so much. If anyone can hear me, what gets you drawing? copying others till you feel like you have a handle on it again? doodling?
I recently saw this video with Ira Glass on storytelling:
I know he talks about tv and radio, but I think it applies to all creative medias. I found him very uplifting, but at the same time made me feel I won't get to that satisfaction phase in my work. Too much unfair comparing to other people's work. Again, I point my finger to the internet. It is wonderful and an atrocity all in one huge package. I need to get paid for my art to make more art. That is my selfish conclusion.

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